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About 甘酒 AMAZAKE

A sweet drink made from fermented rice. Amazake literally means “SWEET SAKE,” however it does not contain any alcohol or sweeteners. It is a natural beverage. Made from rice, water and koji(rice mold).

Amazake can be used as a dessert, snack, natural sweeting agent, dressing or smoothie.
I have used it in all of my handmade sweets for my little boy since he was 6 months old. He is almost 4 years old, but I think he still doesn't know the taste of white, processed sugar.

Amazake is very nutritious. It contains Vitamin B1, B2, B6, Folic acid, Dietary fiber, Oligosaccharide, Cysteine, Arginine and Glutamine. When you feel cold, tired, or can't sleep well it helps you to keep up.  It is also great for helping breast feeding mothers nurse.  It is also quite useful if you have a hangover. 

Serve it hot or leave it in the fridge to cool and serve cold. I really like warm more than cold. It feels sweeter when it is warm than cold. I sometimes add a little bit grated ginger on top which is also very good, too.

About  塩麴 SHIO-KOJI

Japanese fermented liquid salt made from rice-malt - rice, koji(rice mold), sea salt.

Shio koji works wonders in any style of cooking.

It is a live food that is rich in enzymes and brings out the umami in foods. It can be used in place of salt in any dish or as an ingredient in sauces. The saltiness is mild and sweet. Using shio koji instead of salt will lower the overall salt content in your food. With shio koji you get the same salty flavor with less than 50% of the salt content.

I suggest to start by using it simply:

Dress raw vegetables with it for a quick pickle.

Pan-roasted chicken breasts that have been marinated with 1-2 teaspoons with shio koji overnight (least 3 hours before cooking), and it is umami-tastic. This is the best chicken I've ever had – it's delicious.

Oven-roasted fish that has been marinated with shio koji 3 hours before roasting.  

Fried vegetables with shio koji and garlic is also one of my favorite dishes.

This week I had 12 orders, using local koji, organic rice and Japanese sea salt.
Once or twice in a month, I am making them, if you are interested, please contact me:

Amazake 500ml C$12 , Shio-koji 250ml C$10

Catering Hiro Yoshihara's pottery event

One of my favorite pottery artists, Hiro Yoshihara, invited me to cater a 2 day event she was hosting.
I made everything from local, organic foods.  I was delighted to collaborate with Hiro; her exquisite pottery beautifully presented the appetizers I created.  

The menu:
Green tea soba noodles sushi抹茶蕎麦いなり, brown rice kabocha croquette with homemade ketchup玄米と南瓜のコロッケと手作りケチャップ, moss street vegis spring roll with homemade sweet chili sauceモスマーケットの新鮮オーガニックお野菜の生春巻きと手作りチリソース and Japanese picklesお漬物(粕漬け、しば漬け)
Zakkoku grain sushi雑穀五分づき寿司, shiso ume rollしそ梅春巻き, 3kinds bruschetta3種類のブルスケッタ, Japanese picklesお漬物(粕漬け、しば漬け、べったら漬け) and grandma's steam cakeおばあちゃんの味蒸しパン

We will be performing in a small theater – 50 seats max capacity per show. We are doing a 5 show run, so at 250 total, seats are limited.
Get tickets here.
5 people with different backgrounds and experiences have come together because of the things we do. We are not lion tamers, or sporting sequin covered unitards, we are simple people that do contemporary circus.
What is Contemporary Circus? “Contemporary circus, or nouveau cirque (as it was originally known in French-speaking countries), is a genre of performing art developed in the later 20th century in which a story or a theme is conveyed through traditional circus skills.” An example of traditional circus would be Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey, while Cirque du Soleil would be considered contemporary.
But Cirque du Soleil is not the only contemporary circus, there are many and now there is us. We may be new and we may be small but we are driven, authentic, and human.
This show is about finding common ground between people.
Mesdames et Messieurs, enjoy the experience.


Super family friendly show - great for the kids! We are planning to open a circus school in Victoria BC and appreciate your support.

Island Circus Space has an incredibly diverse and talented team on the show, "CATALYST April 2/3": ex-Cirque du Soleil, Ecole National de Cirque graduates, street performers, parkour, musicians, improvisers, and engineers.

This is a seriously major coming together of artistry that is not to be missed. Get your tickets soon!...


Macrobiotic food approach マクロビアプローチ

I had a client who had a stomach problem for weeks. Her digestive process was very bad and she went to the Doctor. Her doctor advised her to start a macrobiotic diet for 10 days.

I wasn't sure if I could help for sure, but we made a plan together to see if the reason for her stomach problem was indeed the food that she was eating. 

She is a such a beautiful healthy happy woman, so I suggested that she stop having cold drinks, no dairy, chew well, eat less brown rice, less summer vegetables, no fruits and stop sugar.  She asked me to cook nothing raw, but sometimes eggs and fish are ok with not much rice.

I was trying to cook no high fat food, no high protein food, and less fiber food using lots of root vegetables and Kuzu root starch(arrowroot starch).

Her digestive process is returning to normal after 9 days. She is trying to cook macrobiotic foods herself until she gets better.


Day 1

Nimono, Mustard greens warm dashi salad, water sprout steamed ume boniti salad, carrots greens Japanese dashi omelette,sprouted brown rice and bancha tea.

Used all organic and got fresh vegetables from the local famers market. Of couruse, no artificial additives, no presevitives and no sugar.  I used homemade Amazake-sake (甘酒, [amazake]).  It is a traditional sweetner, low- or non-alcohol (depending on recipes). Japanese drink it made from fermented rice insted using mirin and sugar.


Steamed tofu shiraae salad, potato vegetables balls, turnip dashi ni with sweet miso sauce and sprouted brown and white mixed rice.
白和え、ジャガイモと人参の和風団子、カブのだし煮 甘味噌ソースで、発芽玄米と白ごはん混ぜ、番茶

I used less greens as greens have good nutulition but some are not good for digestion.


Fresh snapper with grated daikon radish oroshi sauce, Moss st. market fresh steamed vegetables
with creamy sesame dressing, Azuki beans sprouted brown and white rice.
フエダイとお豆腐のおろし煮、モスマーケットのお野菜蒸しサラダ ゴマソースで、小豆の発芽玄米ご飯、番茶

Tofu +miso Japanese patty, handmade white sesame tofu, daikon radish greens sprouted brown and white mixed rice, sake kasu(sake lees) soup
Root vegatables mixed takikomi rice, root vegatables and soybeans gomoku ni, garlic shoots shio koji fry, steamed tofu with sweet miso sauce, creamy sesame vegetables
Fresh cod and  fresh asparagus with sweet miso paste, tofu vegetables kinchaku balls, komatsuna greens ohitashi dashi salad, Amani soybeans, buckwheat soba noodles with homemade dipping sauce
たらとアスパラガスの西京焼き 、お豆腐の巾着煮、小松菜のお浸し、大豆の甘昆布煮、お蕎麦と手作りつゆ、番茶

Mixed grains macrobiotic maki sushi, ume vinegaer pea shoots salad, daikon radish salad,Roots vegatables soup, So sugar no dairy macrobiotic banana muffin
Fresh sockeye salmon + daikon greens grains rice, homemade dashi egg tofu, No deep fry agedashi tofu with fresh Fava beans, Oven koji zucceni, Gold beets + mixed beans black sesame salad
サーモンと大根の葉の雑穀混ぜご飯、手作りたまご豆腐、揚げない揚げ出し豆腐 空豆のせ、ズッキーニの塩麹オーブン焼き、ビーツとお豆の黒胡麻サラダ、番茶
Macrobiotic grains Inari sushi, Japanese ratatouille udon noodles with dashi sause, Celery sesame kinpira, Creamy sesame vegetables
マクロビお野菜たっぷり雑穀いなり寿司、夏野菜の和風タラトュユのせおうどん 手づくりつゆで、セロリの金平、クリーミーゴマ野菜、番茶

She gave me a lot of feedback. Here is one comment.
Thank you for cooking such a great series of meals. I feel I have regained my health with your help and that I have learned a lot about staying healthy as well. That is a priceless gift Yoko. One of the big benefits of having your food has been a chance to try food that is not available in restaurants which has been my only exposure to Japanese food. It has broadened my knowledge and I appreciate that very much. You are so creative in your approach.

Fresh local Victoria spot prawns バンクーバー島の牡丹海老

At the moment, it is spot prawn season in BC.vWe got some super fresh ones today - they were still alive! It was great to show to my little boy alive food and how to cook it. My husband loves to eat sashimi(raw) plus Japanese Asahi beer, so I made sashimi and a quick nabe pot(vegetable + seafood ). Absolutely fabulous taste.


Fresh seasonal supper 旬のお野菜ご飯

We are so lucky to have an amazing farmer's market close to our house in Victoria, BC.  There is a Japanese farm in our area called Uminami Farms that grows fabulous, Japanese produce. Every Saturday, we get delicious, fresh vegetables so I can re-create my mom's style cooking that I grew up with in Japan.
Germinated brown rice  発芽玄米ご飯
Snapper soup フエダイのお吸い物
Spring fuki and young sardines with sweet soysauce ふきとじゃこの当座煮
Turnip and fried tofu カブと油揚げのさっと煮
Snapper and tofu with grated daikon sauce フエダイのおろし煮
Turnip pickles カブの漬物
Fresh feated daikon 大根おろし

Germinated(Sprouted) brown rice 発芽玄米を食す

Germinated brown rice soaking and sprouting of the brown rice in warm water for over night to make a germinated brown rice. Yes, that's it.
It will be less chewy texture, more great flavers and the amount of nutruents more than just brown rice. You can cook them same as regular white rice.
We recentry eat this, my family loves it than regular brown rice.Please try it.


産後 出張シェフサービス





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Hot apple with kudzu 林檎の葛煮

My son had diarrhea while he was sick. I made a hot apple with kudzu sauce for him. Kudzu is a plant from the pea family, Pueraria Lobata. I added Kudzu starch for hot apple. It helps stomach problems very well. My son loved it.

Spring fuki

I got Fuki at the local farmers market,
Fuki is  Petasites japonicas also knows as bog rhubarb or giant butterbur.

When this vegetable is available, everyone knows that spring is near. It is delicious and succulent -
 a rare treat.

Japanese spring taste Fukinoto 春の味ふきのとう

Fukinoto(Petasites japonicas) is an herbaceous perennial plant in the family Asteraceae. It is native to Japan,, where the shoots are used as a vegetable.
Fukinoto taste a bit bitter but very tasty.
The most common ways of preparing fukinoto are as tempura or fukinoto miso.

I had almost given up having fukinoto in here(Victoria in Vanada). I got them from our beautiful local organic Uminami farm. They grow lots of beautiful Japanese vegetables in here Canada. Their vegetables are so beautiful and wonderful taste.

Yaseuma sweet 大分のやせうま

Japanese sweet, “Yaseuma,” product of Oita(my hometown).
Thick, wide handmade soft wheat noodles eaten with soy flour and organic cane sugar.
My grandmother and mother always made this plate when I was little, there plate was incredibly delicious.

AMAZAKE cookies マクロビ甘酒クッキー

These cookies have no sugar added.  Instead, I used pure myple syrup and amazake for sweetness.
My husband is trying to avoid sugar, but he loves it so much. So I made these cookies for his treats.


Brown rice AMAZAKE てづくり玄米甘酒

Ama-zake is a traditional sweet shake, low- or non-alcohol, healthy drink made from fermented rice.
In Japan it literally translates to “sweet sake”.

It has incredible nutrition. It is an energy drink and has vitamin B1, B2, B6, folic acid, dietary fiber, and glucose.

I am often making and drinking it because my little guy still needs breast feeding. He gets a good , nutritious energy drink through my milk.

Ingredients: Water, organic brown rice and cultured rice.

My 9 month little guy's meal 息子のごはん

Today, my son's supper was...

Organic white rice with quinoa powder
Moss St. market soup (Komatsuna, carrot, radish, onion and celery)
Hijiki seaweed iron soup (Hijiki seaweed, tofu and carrot)
Organic decaf  bancha

He ate all of it!

I have never seen my son dislike any food yet.  He always loves to eat my crazy, too healthy food.  It makes me so happy!

From the moment he was born, I have been putting on a cooking show for him everyday.  When he was just a few weeks old, I put him in the stroller with me in the kitchen.  He loves to watch me cook.  I don't know why, but I am pretty sure he is a foodie. 

I want to show him how important food is in one's life and how much eating makes you happy. 


Celery kinpira セロリのきんぴら

Delicious burdock + carrot warm salad seasoned  with Japanese mirin,sesame + soy dressing
This time, I added some celery to this plate. Incredible combination of Japanese traditional flavors. Nice crunch ,beautiful taste. Wondering why I didn't try putting celery in it before.