Brown Rice Sushi Roll  玄米の巻きずし

    Wash the brown rice 1 hour prior to cooking, and drain in a sieve.
    Put brown rice and Konbu into a rice cooker or pot and cook.
    While it is hot, transfer the freshly made Brown rice to a flat bowl.

   Sprinkle sushi vineger ( rice vineger, brown suger  and sinch of salt ) over the rice and mix while cooling with a fan in the other hand.
   Please be careful that the rice does not become too sticky.
   cover the bowl with damp towl 10min.


  Place a sheet of Nori(seaweed) over the bamboo sushi mat with the shiny side down.
 Put egg omlet,lettuce, carrot , cucumber and Avocado with mayo on the rice.
Egg omlet,carrot, cucmber and mushroom is real Japanese style.   
Roll sushi until the edge of the nori is placed under sushi.
 Remove the bamboo mat and slice sushi roll into six to eight pieces.   Please enjoy with soysauce and wasabi.