Tofu Mso Dengaku 豆腐みそ田楽

Tasty, hot grilled tofu with sweet miso sauce
Enjoy the dobble soy taste of tofu and miso together


Garlic Miso Dip 薬味みそ

A fresh organic garlic miso dip
We eat it on rice, tofu and  with vegitable stick salad
Easy to cook, Keep cool, Eat soon


Japanese style ribs 和風スペアリブ

Japanese style ribs with sweet soysauce for my Father-in-low's birthday dinner

Matsutake Pine Mushroom Rice 松茸ごはん

Local BC pine mushrooms in a traditional Japanese style
It is an incredibley fragrant fresh smell


Lunch Box:brown rice rolls 玄米の巻きずし弁当

Yam Roll
Prawn Tempura Roll
Veggi Maki
Pumpkin Roll
Smoke Salmon Roll

Pork Gyoza 焼き餃子

I used Free Range heritage,100% cruely free local pork and local Vegetables

Japanese sweet black soybeans 黒豆

This is a Japanese New Year's traditional osechi cuisine.
Japanses basic sweet taste made from beans.