Matsutake Pine Mushroom Rice 松茸ごはん

Local BC pine mushrooms in a traditional Japanese style
It is an incredibley fragrant fresh smell

Grain rice 2 1/2cups
Matsutake pine mushroom 1
Age: Fried Tofu skin 1
Dashi (Water, Katusobushi and Kombu)

Rinse the pine mushroom quickly,  cut and discard the bottom portion
Put the Pine mushroom and Kombu in Dashi soup for 30min.

Mix 2tbs soysauce,2tbs sake, 1tbs mirin and pich of salt 1/3tsp with rice in a rice-cooker.
Add pine mushroom, Age and Kombu top of the rice. Do not mix.

Allow rice to continue steaming and do not mix ingredients until the rice has finished cooking
When the rice is finished, mix everything, and then leave with the lid closed for 5min.

Enjoy the great rich smell.