East meets West Cooking Class in Kokura, Japan

Ludie and I had a wonderful time cooking in Kokura, Japan. We had eight clients who love cooking and wanted to learn English. We used my parents organic winter season vegetables and rice for our cooking class. We showed our recipes and discussed about food and healthy lifestyles in English.
The clients were absolutely wonderful and we had lots of fun with them. I appreciate Ludie who gave me a chance to have my first cooking class in Japan and the Cafe's employees who supported us. Many thanks Ludie, Kuniko, Atomu, Aya and our wonderful clients !!

Cooking class in Kokura Japan

We are back to Japan soon. We are really looking forward to collaborating with our very talented NY chef friend, Ludie Minaya, for an incredible workshop that will satisfy any foodie out there. If you are in the neighbourhood, you have to come learn, eat and enjoy this wonderful food and atmosphere.For more details, please contact me : yokos.plate@gmail.com

Koya tofu 高野豆腐

It is said that freeze-dried tofu was originally made with the aid of the bitter cold winter wind. The freezing and drying effects of the wind served to remove the moisture. These days freeze-dried tofu is made in factories in a one year long process. The fat oxidizes over time and creates an unpleasant taste, so buy tofu that has been recently produced. Koya-tofu

A whole bunch of sushi at my home party

Sake steamed eggplant and shrimp 茄子と海老の酒蒸し

Sake steamed fresh eggplant and shrimp with my green onion sauce

The BEST Japanese potlatch

We joined a wonderful potlatch full of fabulous, traditional food from all over Japan. 
 No restaurant can compare to all of the old aunties cooking.

Japanese supper with our lovely friends

Helthy private cooking class in QB

It was very good to see my wonderful client again and I was glad that all liked my food. I would love to do private cooking class and sharing my home cooking for my client who loves Japanese traditional cuisine.
This time we used my client's fresh organic vegetables from their back yard!
Their vegatables combined with Japanese taste was other worldly delicious!

Grilled sweet miso cod たらの西京焼き

Buckwheat + Blueberry muffin そば粉とブルーベリーのマフィン

There are a lot of delicious ways to eat buckwheat. Today I baked soba muffun(buckwheat) for our sunday breakfast! Simple+ healthy breakfast! Let's add more buckwheat on your plates!


Simple sugar-free black sesame cookies マクロビ黒ごまクッキー

Sugar-free maple black sesame cookies are absolutely delicious! A very simple cookie recipe perfect for someone on a sugar and dairy-free diet. This cookie recipe is both sugar-free and vegan.
Chose these healthy cookies for your children's snack time!


Buffet style Japanese home party

We often invite our friends for dinner with good drinks! Its lovely spending time with family and friends! Many people here are impressed my home cooking.I have been cooking for my very big family in Japan for decades so it is no problem for me to cook! It was a sushi corn party.

Kimpira with yum noodles 糸こんにゃくのきんぴら

Delicious burdock + carrot warm salad seasoned  with Japanese mirin,sesame + soy dressing 

Burdock root 2-3 srick (30cm each) 
Carrot 1 
Soysauce 40ml
Mirin 50ml   
Sake 20ml    
Sesami oil 1tsp  
Crushed chili pepper 1/4tsp 
Sesame seed 1Tbsp
Dashi soup 20ml 
Yum noodles 1pack
-Peel burdock roots and carrot
-Quick boil the yum noodle for 3minutes,and cut them in 3inch
-Slice burdock + carrot, julienne style(1/2inch match sticks) + place burdock in bowl of cald water
-Remove the staek + seeds from the red peppre + cut thinly
-Drain burdock
-Add sesame oil to frying pan + fry red pepper + burdock roots (be careful not too burn oil)
-2-3minutes on medium-high heat
-The burdock root should still be somewhat crunchy
-Add carrot + fry briefly (about 1 minute)
-Add yum noodles,sake, mirin,soysauce +dashi broth + cook until all liquid is absorbed can be sawed warm or cold
-Place in small bowls + sprinkle roasted sesame seeds before serving

Macrobiotic strawberry+splet muffin 苺のスペルト小麦マフィン

No dairy ,all organic ingredients, healthy macrobiotic muffin with fresh strawberries from Bilston Creek Organics in Metchosin,BC. Their veggies are absolutrly delicious.


Fresh ling cod in soy + sake reduction リングコッドの煮付け

I found some rare fresh ling cod yesterday. For many years it was not possible to fish for them but now they have made a come back so we can eat them again.
They are only found west coast of Canada. Absolutely delicious !!
I cooked this fish using soysauce : this is a common Japanese old style method.

Matsutake mushroom rice 松茸ごはん

Fresh BC matsutake

Matsutake are wild pine mushrooms. it is in season now!
They have an amazing distinctive flavor, aroma, and texture.


Yoko's Plate caters 23 healthy bento boxes

I was hired by Kwalikum Secondary to cater the teachers’ lunch last week. I made 23 bento boxes (not to worry – that packaging is from clam shells – 100% bio-degradable).  The teachers loved my bento box. I was super busy, but It was my plesure to share my real Japanese bento box. 

Easy + tasty tofu with sesame salad 白和え

This salad called Shira-ae is a traditional Japanese cuisine that is a pureed or mashed tofu vegetable salad.
Every family has a own taste, this is my family's delicus recipe


Japanese mushrooms with soysauce paste 自家製なめたけ

I made a handmade Nametake which used Enoki-mushrooms,Mitake-mushrooms and Bunashimeji-mushrooms. Simmer them with soysauce, mirin and Konbu kelp. With rice it is delicious

Stir-Fried Soybean Sprouts with Garlic Chives にんにくの芽炒め

Chives have a faint garlic flavor
We got them at the local famers market, they were fresh and organic

Moroheiya モロヘイヤのお浸し

Moroheiya originally came from Egypt and it is called ‘King’s Vegetable’
It is rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Fibers

Moroheiya salad

Moroheiya miso soup

Island's sardine barbequed 島のいわし塩焼き

Fat delicious island sardines barbequed to crispy perfection
with Ishigaki sea salt

Today's japanese lunch box

Cowichain Wine Festival at Merridale Farms Sep 18

The Audition - Canadian Pacific Ballet & dinner package
Date: September 18, 2011 - 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Merridale Farms in Cowchain

The Canadian Pacific Ballet and Jake West present to you their newest collaboration - “The Audition”. Weaving together graceful, romantic ballet with circus arts, The Audition is a hilarious show where we cast a new member in an upcoming role. Melded to the story are gorgeous dance pieces, new school juggling and tons of physical comedy from a diverse array of talented artists. Join us to laugh and be mesmerized as we spin and twirl into your lives.

4:00pm: Performance by the pond
5:15pm: Dinner on the deck of the ciderhouse
Performance ~ $20 per person (plus hst), $10 for children under 10 (plus hst)
Performance & Dinner ~ $35 per person (plus hst & gratuity)

Space is limited, please phone for reservations: 250-743-4293
Why not make a day out of it and head up to Merridale to check out our other activities over Wine Festival weekend!

The Canadian Pacific Ballet is dedicated to the performance and preservation of Romantic and Classical ballet through performance.

Jake West - Circus Artist, Educator, Entrepreneur. “I have no choice but to perform. It is in the very fibre of my being. I tried to stop doing it once and my soul couldn’t take it.”

Last chance for my cooking class in Victoria 2011

with Yoko West


Yoko has been cooking Japanese traditional food her entire life taught by her mother and grandmother using her family’s rice and vegetables on land that has been in their family for 400 years. She has intensely researched the benefits of food therapy and continuously upgrades her knowledge. This time, she brings the old traditional healthy Japanese style to Canadian kitchens. This is the real deal. If you really want to learn about genuine old style Japanese cooking, we encourage you to come check it out! Menu: Nikujaga (Potato and beef with Japanese taste), Takikomi-gohan (Mixed rice), Fish with handmade sauce etc.
102438 Mon 6:30-8:30pm Sep 26 1/$50.50

Monterey Recreation Centre
Phone: 250.370.7300
1442 Monterey Avenue, Victoria, B.C. V8S 4W1

Comment from my guest....
This was an excellent introductory class! It is well suited to the novice cook who is committed to preparing very healthy meals and is interested in traditional as well as modern takes on Japanese cuisine! The instructor is extremely sincere, knowledgable, talented and creative. i would highly recommend this class.

Comment from Tara Todesco
Yoko is wonderful- and a genuinely gifted cook- can't reccomend her enough. We've been loving cooking some of the traditional home-style recipes we've learned from her. Incredibly yummy and as a bonus, super economical.

Catering - Appreciation Party

Bill Brooks, a highly energetic and engaging real estate agent that I would recommend to anyone, hired us for his first ever client appreciation party. It was an absolute blast! I taught them to make sushi and after they ate, I provided the entertainment.

This is what he had to say:
The thanks are all mine. The two of you definitely over delivered. I’ve had calls from most of the people and they all raved about the event. Please use me as a reference any time you have any one considering having you cater their event.
Thanks again;


Many many thanks Bill,

Fresh local sardine with ginger soysauce 島のいわし生姜煮

Sardines iwashi are super high in Omega-3.  Also, just three ounces of the fish contain more calcium than a glass of milk. We often eat sardine in Japan.


Macrobiotic Blueberry Muffin マクロビブルーベリーマフィン

No dairy ,all organic ingredients, healthy macrobiotic muffin with local fresh blueberries.


Dried Scallop mixed rice 北海道ほたての炊き込みごはん

Dried Scallop from Hokkaido Japan from my friend. 
The seafood, which I soaked in sake to soften, and then combined with the rice was other worldly delicious!


Japanese dinner box for 2

Dried daikon 干し大根の煮物
Stir fry with sesame soysauce 胡麻ビビンバ炒め
Celery with garlic soysauce セロリの醤油漬
 Vegetable croquette 野菜コロッケ
Sui choy pickles 白菜のおしんこ


Fresh local potatos with Japanese sauce 新じゃがの煮っころがし

Fresh potatos from my friend. These potatos are very fresh from the garden !
It was absolutely delicious. The potatos were melt in your mouth delicious.


Dried daikon radish pickles はりはり漬

Simple pickles that made the best use of the texture of cut and dried radish.
One of my favarite Japanese pickles! Great crunchy texture.
My grandma and mom made it after they picked them at their farms.
This time I make dried daikon useing local island daikon.

Pickled white daikon radish greens 大根の葉

The leaves of daikon radish are very chewy and have a slightly pungent taste.
You can cook with frying with some vegtables or boiling them and have with light soysauce.
I really recommed to use ORGANIC white daikon radish, because the leaves are full of chemicales.
So I used local victoria daikon this time.

This daikon radish greens may be made by pressing with salt for 1 day.

Macrobiotic apple muffin マクロビりんごマフィン

This EASY macrobiotic apple muffin recipe is vegan, definitely far healthier than your typical bakery product.
Recommed to make for your lunch or your child snack.


Cane sugar steamed cake きび糖の蒸しパン

My grandmather always made this cake when I was little.
Her cake was incredibly delicious.
This steamed cake called “ Mushi Pan” or Steamed Bread was made with flour, brown cane sugar, soymilk,egg, vegetable oil,maple syrup(we use honey in Japan).
It is very filling and delicious!
They have other varieties made with sweet potato and macha.


Nukazuke pickles: Rice bran pickles ぬか漬

Nukazuke are a traditional Japanese pickle, made by fermenting vegetables in rice bran (nuka). Almost any  vegetable may be pickled through this technique, though traditional varieties include eggplant, white radish (daikon), carrot and cucumber. The taste of nuka pickles is strong, sour, salty and pungent.