Japanese old rice cracker かきもち

Mom's rice crackers: Kakimochi
It is from their rice
This is a very old traditional Japanese snack
The colour is from a flower that bloomes in their garden
She made it for their grandchild

Okara-tofu おから

A nutritious home dish with mom's handmade tofu
Her okara is amazing
It uses homemade daizu beans
Her handmade tofu and their farm's organic vegetables

Mom's taste: Umeboshi 梅干

Umeboshi : this is my mom's home-made sour plum
We have a few ume-trees in our farm
It is eaten with cooked rice

Oyako-Don 親子どん

This is called Oyako-Don which means a parent : OYA(chicken) and a child :KO (egg).
Traditionaly cooked in a Don-Buri. It is on rice.