Japanese lunch box

Salad spaghetti サラダスパ
Tempura with blacksesame sweet soy sauce 薩摩揚げの醤油煮
Carrot lemon salad 塩蒸しにんじんサラダ
Eggplant hamburger 茄子と肉の和風ハンバーグ
Tataki-burdock たたきごぼう
Eggplant with soysauce 茄子の田舎煮

Japanese lunch box

Pumpkin salad かぼちゃのサラダ
Green beans with sesame dressing いんげんの胡麻あえ
Gomokuni : Soybeans with vegetables 五目煮
Egg in fried tofu 卵の巾着煮
Hamburger with green pepper ピーマンの肉づめ

Japanese lunch box

Organic tofu and spnach salada ほうれん草の白和え
Japanese style potato salad ポテトサラダ
Burdock beef roll ごぼうの牛肉巻き
Cucumber and browm rice vinegar salad 胡瓜とわかめの酢の物
Island free range pork bacon with asparagus roll アスパラベーコン巻き

Japanese traditional lunch box for 4

Rice ball with black sesame salt 黒胡麻塩おにぎり
Mixed rice ball 炊き込みごはん
Dried white radish 干し大根の煮物
Kinpira Budock こんにゃく入りきんぴら
Koya-tofu 高野豆腐
Spicy konnyaku こんにゃくのピリ辛炒め
Celery pickles セロリの醤油づけ
Chicken ball 鳥ボール
Green onion Japanese style omelet ねぎ入りだし巻き卵

Victoria Juggling Festival  Feb.2011

I joined the Victoria Juggling Festival last month.
It was a great success. My food sold out in 1 hour both days.
I was thrilled to share my Japanese home cooking with so many Canadians.
They loved it and came back for second.
I also cooked for the 14 professional performers before the Gala show.
They were able to eat my old style Japanese home cooking.
It was a pleasure serving them.

Organic miso soup
Yaki onigiri with organic soysauce (Crispy rice ball)
Salmon onigiri (Salmon rice ball)
Organic Ban-cha (Rosted green tea)


Kinako sweet やせうま

My grandmother always made this sweet dish for us when we were young
It is called Yaseuma which my home town Oita's specialty is

Snapper Miso-soup 魚のお味噌汁

Great combination of fresh fish with Japanese miso soup
This is quit a rich miso soup


Squid and greenonion pancake いかとねぎの和風焼き

Easy side dish. Absolutely delicious healthy pancake
Enjoy the crispy squid with Japanese taste