Fresh local potatos with Japanese sauce 新じゃがの煮っころがし

Fresh potatos from my friend. These potatos are very fresh from the garden !
It was absolutely delicious. The potatos were melt in your mouth delicious.


Dried daikon radish pickles はりはり漬

Simple pickles that made the best use of the texture of cut and dried radish.
One of my favarite Japanese pickles! Great crunchy texture.
My grandma and mom made it after they picked them at their farms.
This time I make dried daikon useing local island daikon.

Pickled white daikon radish greens 大根の葉

The leaves of daikon radish are very chewy and have a slightly pungent taste.
You can cook with frying with some vegtables or boiling them and have with light soysauce.
I really recommed to use ORGANIC white daikon radish, because the leaves are full of chemicales.
So I used local victoria daikon this time.

This daikon radish greens may be made by pressing with salt for 1 day.

Macrobiotic apple muffin マクロビりんごマフィン

This EASY macrobiotic apple muffin recipe is vegan, definitely far healthier than your typical bakery product.
Recommed to make for your lunch or your child snack.


Cane sugar steamed cake きび糖の蒸しパン

My grandmather always made this cake when I was little.
Her cake was incredibly delicious.
This steamed cake called “ Mushi Pan” or Steamed Bread was made with flour, brown cane sugar, soymilk,egg, vegetable oil,maple syrup(we use honey in Japan).
It is very filling and delicious!
They have other varieties made with sweet potato and macha.