Catering - Appreciation Party

Bill Brooks, a highly energetic and engaging real estate agent that I would recommend to anyone, hired us for his first ever client appreciation party. It was an absolute blast! I taught them to make sushi and after they ate, I provided the entertainment.

This is what he had to say:
The thanks are all mine. The two of you definitely over delivered. I’ve had calls from most of the people and they all raved about the event. Please use me as a reference any time you have any one considering having you cater their event.
Thanks again;


Many many thanks Bill,

Fresh local sardine with ginger soysauce 島のいわし生姜煮

Sardines iwashi are super high in Omega-3.  Also, just three ounces of the fish contain more calcium than a glass of milk. We often eat sardine in Japan.


Macrobiotic Blueberry Muffin マクロビブルーベリーマフィン

No dairy ,all organic ingredients, healthy macrobiotic muffin with local fresh blueberries.


Dried Scallop mixed rice 北海道ほたての炊き込みごはん

Dried Scallop from Hokkaido Japan from my friend. 
The seafood, which I soaked in sake to soften, and then combined with the rice was other worldly delicious!


Japanese dinner box for 2

Dried daikon 干し大根の煮物
Stir fry with sesame soysauce 胡麻ビビンバ炒め
Celery with garlic soysauce セロリの醤油漬
 Vegetable croquette 野菜コロッケ
Sui choy pickles 白菜のおしんこ