Cowichain Wine Festival at Merridale Farms Sep 18

The Audition - Canadian Pacific Ballet & dinner package
Date: September 18, 2011 - 4:00pm - 8:00pm
Merridale Farms in Cowchain

The Canadian Pacific Ballet and Jake West present to you their newest collaboration - “The Audition”. Weaving together graceful, romantic ballet with circus arts, The Audition is a hilarious show where we cast a new member in an upcoming role. Melded to the story are gorgeous dance pieces, new school juggling and tons of physical comedy from a diverse array of talented artists. Join us to laugh and be mesmerized as we spin and twirl into your lives.

4:00pm: Performance by the pond
5:15pm: Dinner on the deck of the ciderhouse
Performance ~ $20 per person (plus hst), $10 for children under 10 (plus hst)
Performance & Dinner ~ $35 per person (plus hst & gratuity)

Space is limited, please phone for reservations: 250-743-4293
Why not make a day out of it and head up to Merridale to check out our other activities over Wine Festival weekend!

The Canadian Pacific Ballet is dedicated to the performance and preservation of Romantic and Classical ballet through performance.

Jake West - Circus Artist, Educator, Entrepreneur. “I have no choice but to perform. It is in the very fibre of my being. I tried to stop doing it once and my soul couldn’t take it.”

Last chance for my cooking class in Victoria 2011

with Yoko West


Yoko has been cooking Japanese traditional food her entire life taught by her mother and grandmother using her family’s rice and vegetables on land that has been in their family for 400 years. She has intensely researched the benefits of food therapy and continuously upgrades her knowledge. This time, she brings the old traditional healthy Japanese style to Canadian kitchens. This is the real deal. If you really want to learn about genuine old style Japanese cooking, we encourage you to come check it out! Menu: Nikujaga (Potato and beef with Japanese taste), Takikomi-gohan (Mixed rice), Fish with handmade sauce etc.
102438 Mon 6:30-8:30pm Sep 26 1/$50.50

Monterey Recreation Centre
Phone: 250.370.7300
1442 Monterey Avenue, Victoria, B.C. V8S 4W1

Comment from my guest....
This was an excellent introductory class! It is well suited to the novice cook who is committed to preparing very healthy meals and is interested in traditional as well as modern takes on Japanese cuisine! The instructor is extremely sincere, knowledgable, talented and creative. i would highly recommend this class.

Comment from Tara Todesco
Yoko is wonderful- and a genuinely gifted cook- can't reccomend her enough. We've been loving cooking some of the traditional home-style recipes we've learned from her. Incredibly yummy and as a bonus, super economical.