Yoko's Plate caters 23 healthy bento boxes

I was hired by Kwalikum Secondary to cater the teachers’ lunch last week. I made 23 bento boxes (not to worry – that packaging is from clam shells – 100% bio-degradable).  The teachers loved my bento box. I was super busy, but It was my plesure to share my real Japanese bento box. 

Easy + tasty tofu with sesame salad 白和え

This salad called Shira-ae is a traditional Japanese cuisine that is a pureed or mashed tofu vegetable salad.
Every family has a own taste, this is my family's delicus recipe


Japanese mushrooms with soysauce paste 自家製なめたけ

I made a handmade Nametake which used Enoki-mushrooms,Mitake-mushrooms and Bunashimeji-mushrooms. Simmer them with soysauce, mirin and Konbu kelp. With rice it is delicious

Stir-Fried Soybean Sprouts with Garlic Chives にんにくの芽炒め

Chives have a faint garlic flavor
We got them at the local famers market, they were fresh and organic

Moroheiya モロヘイヤのお浸し

Moroheiya originally came from Egypt and it is called ‘King’s Vegetable’
It is rich in Vitamins, Minerals and Fibers

Moroheiya salad

Moroheiya miso soup

Island's sardine barbequed 島のいわし塩焼き

Fat delicious island sardines barbequed to crispy perfection
with Ishigaki sea salt

Today's japanese lunch box