Japanese supper with our lovely friends

Helthy private cooking class in QB

It was very good to see my wonderful client again and I was glad that all liked my food. I would love to do private cooking class and sharing my home cooking for my client who loves Japanese traditional cuisine.
This time we used my client's fresh organic vegetables from their back yard!
Their vegatables combined with Japanese taste was other worldly delicious!

Grilled sweet miso cod たらの西京焼き

Buckwheat + Blueberry muffin そば粉とブルーベリーのマフィン

There are a lot of delicious ways to eat buckwheat. Today I baked soba muffun(buckwheat) for our sunday breakfast! Simple+ healthy breakfast! Let's add more buckwheat on your plates!


Simple sugar-free black sesame cookies マクロビ黒ごまクッキー

Sugar-free maple black sesame cookies are absolutely delicious! A very simple cookie recipe perfect for someone on a sugar and dairy-free diet. This cookie recipe is both sugar-free and vegan.
Chose these healthy cookies for your children's snack time!


Buffet style Japanese home party

We often invite our friends for dinner with good drinks! Its lovely spending time with family and friends! Many people here are impressed my home cooking.I have been cooking for my very big family in Japan for decades so it is no problem for me to cook! It was a sushi corn party.

Kimpira with yum noodles 糸こんにゃくのきんぴら

Delicious burdock + carrot warm salad seasoned  with Japanese mirin,sesame + soy dressing 

Burdock root 2-3 srick (30cm each) 
Carrot 1 
Soysauce 40ml
Mirin 50ml   
Sake 20ml    
Sesami oil 1tsp  
Crushed chili pepper 1/4tsp 
Sesame seed 1Tbsp
Dashi soup 20ml 
Yum noodles 1pack
-Peel burdock roots and carrot
-Quick boil the yum noodle for 3minutes,and cut them in 3inch
-Slice burdock + carrot, julienne style(1/2inch match sticks) + place burdock in bowl of cald water
-Remove the staek + seeds from the red peppre + cut thinly
-Drain burdock
-Add sesame oil to frying pan + fry red pepper + burdock roots (be careful not too burn oil)
-2-3minutes on medium-high heat
-The burdock root should still be somewhat crunchy
-Add carrot + fry briefly (about 1 minute)
-Add yum noodles,sake, mirin,soysauce +dashi broth + cook until all liquid is absorbed can be sawed warm or cold
-Place in small bowls + sprinkle roasted sesame seeds before serving

Macrobiotic strawberry+splet muffin 苺のスペルト小麦マフィン

No dairy ,all organic ingredients, healthy macrobiotic muffin with fresh strawberries from Bilston Creek Organics in Metchosin,BC. Their veggies are absolutrly delicious.


Fresh ling cod in soy + sake reduction リングコッドの煮付け

I found some rare fresh ling cod yesterday. For many years it was not possible to fish for them but now they have made a come back so we can eat them again.
They are only found west coast of Canada. Absolutely delicious !!
I cooked this fish using soysauce : this is a common Japanese old style method.

Matsutake mushroom rice 松茸ごはん

Fresh BC matsutake

Matsutake are wild pine mushrooms. it is in season now!
They have an amazing distinctive flavor, aroma, and texture.