East meets West Cooking Class in Kokura, Japan

Ludie and I had a wonderful time cooking in Kokura, Japan. We had eight clients who love cooking and wanted to learn English. We used my parents organic winter season vegetables and rice for our cooking class. We showed our recipes and discussed about food and healthy lifestyles in English.
The clients were absolutely wonderful and we had lots of fun with them. I appreciate Ludie who gave me a chance to have my first cooking class in Japan and the Cafe's employees who supported us. Many thanks Ludie, Kuniko, Atomu, Aya and our wonderful clients !!

Cooking class in Kokura Japan

We are back to Japan soon. We are really looking forward to collaborating with our very talented NY chef friend, Ludie Minaya, for an incredible workshop that will satisfy any foodie out there. If you are in the neighbourhood, you have to come learn, eat and enjoy this wonderful food and atmosphere.For more details, please contact me : yokos.plate@gmail.com

Koya tofu 高野豆腐

It is said that freeze-dried tofu was originally made with the aid of the bitter cold winter wind. The freezing and drying effects of the wind served to remove the moisture. These days freeze-dried tofu is made in factories in a one year long process. The fat oxidizes over time and creates an unpleasant taste, so buy tofu that has been recently produced. Koya-tofu

A whole bunch of sushi at my home party

Sake steamed eggplant and shrimp 茄子と海老の酒蒸し

Sake steamed fresh eggplant and shrimp with my green onion sauce

The BEST Japanese potlatch

We joined a wonderful potlatch full of fabulous, traditional food from all over Japan. 
 No restaurant can compare to all of the old aunties cooking.