Fresh Vancouver island herring with brown rice vinegar 島ニシンの玄米酢南蛮漬け

Herring fish are relatively small, silver colored fish, which are abundantly found in the temperate waters of North Pacific and North Atlantic oceans. Herring has a great flavour and is exceptionally good for you.
I found some fresh Vancouver Island herring.
Japanese usually eat dried herring called Migiki-nishin. We cook herring pie, salt grill (BBQ), herring soba buckwheat noodle etc... But this time I really wanted to try cooking them in a Japanese style brown rice marinade called Nannban-duke which my mom cooked when she got fresh, small blue fish caught by my brother..
In Japan, we eat the whole fish (bones too!)  But this time I cut the head and stomache off and deep fried them and then put them in a handmade brown vinegar mirin sauce with vegetables.
I really love this taste. You can try when you get small. blue fish !!

Japanese Kumquat きんかんの甘露煮

I made Kinkan sweet in Japan. This Kinkan no kanroni are traditional old sweet in Japan. Kumquats, also called kinkan, are the fruits that are produced from small kinkan trees. The kumquat tree produces small, edible fruits that look similar to oranges.

Japanese New Year

Mochi- rice cake
Mochitsuki—the pounding of mochi or rice cakes, which is essential to the “Oshogatsu” or New Year’s celebration. This mochitsuki traditional event is prepareation for the new year, so we usualy have this event at end of December.
Kadomatsu is a Japanese traditional decoration for the new year infront of houses  to welcome ancestral spirits or kami of the harvest. Kadomatsu come from bamboo and Japanese pine trees. Every year we have a Kadomatsu.  My brother handmakes it using all the materials from our mountain property. 
This year my brother and my husband made it !!
Osechi is a Japanese traditional new year's cuisine.The foods that make up osechi each have a special meaning celebrating the New Year. My mom makes 2-3 days worth of meals during the last day of the year.  It normally takes her the entire day in the kitchen. 
The plate above is a very special breakfast - the first one of the year  - with close family: Osechi and Ozoni-soup and some warm sake.

Fresh organic vegetables 実家の摘みたてお野菜

Everyday before supper time, my parents pick some fresh vegetables from their farm to cook for dinner.  An incredibly healthy lifestyle, but even more than that, unbelievably delicious!

Dad's organic mushrooms patch

My parents are growing a bunch of shiitake and nameko-mushrooms on their mountain property. We just went back to Japan during mushroom season so we had huge mushrooms this month. Their mushrooms are totally different to the shiitake in Canada.  Huge, delicious, succluent and fresh.   It is like eating wild meat.


Wild Ginenjo from dad's mountain 自然薯(ジネンジョ)

Jinenjo is a kind of wild mountain yam grows in the mountains of Japan.
It is very rare to get REAL jinenjo.
My dad finds Jinenjo on his mountain property. 
If you can find these delicious treats in the store, prepare to pay between $80-100 each.