Salmon oshi-zushi サーモンと古代米の押し寿司

Oshizushi is a type of sushi that uses a small wooden box to press the sushi into little rectangles.
I made some maki roll sushi and  salmon oshi-zushi with wild rice for one of my family's birthday dinners. I mixed chopped green onion and roasted sesame with organic white and wild rice.  My sister in law is sugar free, so instead I used organic brown rice syrup in the handmade brown rice sushi vinegar  this time. That was an absolutely great meal for somebody's birthday dinner. 


Sake-kasu dip 酒粕テップ

At my last event, I made some sake-kasu appetizesr using Masa Shiroki's real taste sake-kasu and his sake.
This is a sake kasu dip:quater of chopped onion, 1 organic soft tofu, 2Tbsp extra virgin  olive oil, pinch of salt, sake-kasu 4Tbsp, 1Tbsp white miso and 2Tbsp apple cider vinegar and then put in a food processor puree. Also recommend to add garlic or wasabi with whole wheat cracker.  It was actually a great combination.

Brown rice syrup sweet azuki 玄米飴でつくるあんこ

Usually I make sweet azuki beans with cane sugar, but this time I used brown rice syrup.  It was really delicious!

A Super Successful Collaboration – Sake Event

What an incredibly successful event last weekend, April 1, in Nanaimo.  Everyone involved was top notch professional and a pleasure to work with.  Thank you to The Seven Potatoes Japanese Society in Nanaimo for their very hard work in making this event come to life.  Thank you to Jesse at Lucky Liquor Store who has the vision and knowledge to make Nanaimo that much cooler.  Thank you to Masa for coming over from Granville Island to share his expertise and very delicious sake.  
I made Japanese traditional apetizers using Masa's sake and sake-kasu for 27 people. Menu was Sake-kasu dip 酒粕デップ, Seaweed salad with handmade sake dressing 胡麻と酒和え海草サラダ, Tofu and sake-kasu salad 酒粕白和え, Handmade sesame tofu 手作り胡麻とうふ, Ko-ya tofu with handmade yuzu pepper 高野豆腐と手作り柚子胡椒, Spinach with yuzu pepper ほうれん草の柚子胡椒炒め, Tuna with green onion sauce まぐろねぎソース, Salmon sashimi さけの刺身, Sweet sake pork 酒角煮, Takikomi mixed rice 炊き込みごはん, Sake-kasu miso soup 粕汁 and three styles of handmade pickles 3種類の手作り漬け物. I got a lot of excellent feedback from our guests. I will try to post these recipes as soon as possible. Many thanks to all and looking forward to cooking for you again.