Sweet blackbeans with brown rice syrup 玄米飴の黒豆

Black beans simmered with organic rice syrup with a little bit of sea salt.  It is has a really nice sweetness to it.  This dish comes from a Japanese macrobiotic recipe.

Sesame tofu 手作りごま豆腐

Using organic white sesame, soy milk and tahini, I made tofu from scratch.  Slow cook over low heat.  This taste reminds me of my grandma - she made amazing sesame tofu.

Warabi ferns 蕨の煮びたし

It has been warabi season in Canada.  All around Nanaimo, you can go pick lots of warabi.  Overnight, soak them in water with a little bit of baking soda and the next day, cook with dashi.  Delicious!