Japanese style curry 手づくり日本のカレーとマンゴチャッネ

This is Japanese style, Indian Fusion curry made from scratch (no packages)
I always use my hadnmade mango chutney in the curry. 
It makes the curry so tasty.

てんさい糖でつくる新ショウガの甘酢漬け Sweet pickled ginger

Sweet pickled ginger is usually served with sushi. We call it GARI.
I recommend using fresh young ginger (shin shoga) to make it.
Thinly slice young ginger that has been marinaded in sugar and vinegar. This time I used Tensai suger(Natural sweet daikon radish sweetener) and brown rice suger. Young ginger is perfect for gari because of its tender flesh and natural sweetness.

Sushi event

 What a fantastic successful event last week in Chilliwack. I had 15clients in this class. Everyone had lots of fun and we shared ideas about the Japanese kitchen.   Thank you to all at the community centre who gave me this opprtunity. Thank you to everyone for coming this event.

Eat carrot green leaves 無農薬にんじんの葉を食す

Yes. Carrot leaves are edible and are highly nutritive !!
We got some beautiful organic carrots from a local farm around Chilliwack. I recommend eating only organic carrot leaves.
They are little bit bitter and hard, so you may have to mix them in some soup, deep fried Tempra or with salad after boiled.
We usually don't peal the carrots when they are organic. It is no dirtier than any other veggie you can wash with a brush under running water. And so many of the minerals in a carrot are in the outer layer.


Carrot salad with dashi にんじんの葉のお浸し
Carrot leaves miso soup にんじんの葉のお味噌汁
Carrot leaves and onion pancake にんじんの葉と玉葱のチヂミ

Fresh local corn rice とうもろこしごはん