Sugar-free black sesame and cocoa cookies メープルシロップで作る黒ごまとココアのクッキー

Sugar-free black sesame and cocoa cookies are absolutely great! A recipe perfect for someone on a sugar and dairy-free diet or your children's snack!!


Bamboo shoot and shungiku green light soup 竹の子と春菊のお吸い物

In Japanese food, it is very common to eat soup with the meal. In spring, we can get bamboo (especially on my parent's land).  So, we eat young bamboo for many kinds of dishes.
Today, I got bamboo in Vancouver and I made a bamboo light soy sauce soup with Shungiku green.
It was a great spring taste.

Cane sugar steamed cake 昔ながらのきび糖の蒸しパン

This is my grandma's taste. She made this a lot when I was a child.
It is a very simple recipe and a very safe, healthy and good snack for your little child before he experiences a real white sugar cake (try to hold off on that as long as you can!).


New Year Supper お正月の晩ごはん

On this table is a once a year special supper.  In Japan, it is called Osechi.  While this is not a true and pure Osechi meal, it is that spirit that is captured with these fine New Year's dishes.