My 9 month little guy's meal 息子のごはん

Today, my son's supper was...

Organic white rice with quinoa powder
Moss St. market soup (Komatsuna, carrot, radish, onion and celery)
Hijiki seaweed iron soup (Hijiki seaweed, tofu and carrot)
Organic decaf  bancha

He ate all of it!

I have never seen my son dislike any food yet.  He always loves to eat my crazy, too healthy food.  It makes me so happy!

From the moment he was born, I have been putting on a cooking show for him everyday.  When he was just a few weeks old, I put him in the stroller with me in the kitchen.  He loves to watch me cook.  I don't know why, but I am pretty sure he is a foodie. 

I want to show him how important food is in one's life and how much eating makes you happy. 


Celery kinpira セロリのきんぴら

Delicious burdock + carrot warm salad seasoned  with Japanese mirin,sesame + soy dressing
This time, I added some celery to this plate. Incredible combination of Japanese traditional flavors. Nice crunch ,beautiful taste. Wondering why I didn't try putting celery in it before.

Continuing to make a bunch of salve for my little guy