Japanese spring taste Fukinoto 春の味ふきのとう

Fukinoto(Petasites japonicas) is an herbaceous perennial plant in the family Asteraceae. It is native to Japan,, where the shoots are used as a vegetable.
Fukinoto taste a bit bitter but very tasty.
The most common ways of preparing fukinoto are as tempura or fukinoto miso.

I had almost given up having fukinoto in here(Victoria in Vanada). I got them from our beautiful local organic Uminami farm. They grow lots of beautiful Japanese vegetables in here Canada. Their vegetables are so beautiful and wonderful taste.

Yaseuma sweet 大分のやせうま

Japanese sweet, “Yaseuma,” product of Oita(my hometown).
Thick, wide handmade soft wheat noodles eaten with soy flour and organic cane sugar.
My grandmother and mother always made this plate when I was little, there plate was incredibly delicious.