Fresh seasonal supper 旬のお野菜ご飯

We are so lucky to have an amazing farmer's market close to our house in Victoria, BC.  There is a Japanese farm in our area called Uminami Farms that grows fabulous, Japanese produce. Every Saturday, we get delicious, fresh vegetables so I can re-create my mom's style cooking that I grew up with in Japan.
Germinated brown rice  発芽玄米ご飯
Snapper soup フエダイのお吸い物
Spring fuki and young sardines with sweet soysauce ふきとじゃこの当座煮
Turnip and fried tofu カブと油揚げのさっと煮
Snapper and tofu with grated daikon sauce フエダイのおろし煮
Turnip pickles カブの漬物
Fresh feated daikon 大根おろし