Macrobiotic food approach マクロビアプローチ

I had a client who had a stomach problem for weeks. Her digestive process was very bad and she went to the Doctor. Her doctor advised her to start a macrobiotic diet for 10 days.

I wasn't sure if I could help for sure, but we made a plan together to see if the reason for her stomach problem was indeed the food that she was eating. 

She is a such a beautiful healthy happy woman, so I suggested that she stop having cold drinks, no dairy, chew well, eat less brown rice, less summer vegetables, no fruits and stop sugar.  She asked me to cook nothing raw, but sometimes eggs and fish are ok with not much rice.

I was trying to cook no high fat food, no high protein food, and less fiber food using lots of root vegetables and Kuzu root starch(arrowroot starch).

Her digestive process is returning to normal after 9 days. She is trying to cook macrobiotic foods herself until she gets better.


Day 1

Nimono, Mustard greens warm dashi salad, water sprout steamed ume boniti salad, carrots greens Japanese dashi omelette,sprouted brown rice and bancha tea.

Used all organic and got fresh vegetables from the local famers market. Of couruse, no artificial additives, no presevitives and no sugar.  I used homemade Amazake-sake (甘酒, [amazake]).  It is a traditional sweetner, low- or non-alcohol (depending on recipes). Japanese drink it made from fermented rice insted using mirin and sugar.


Steamed tofu shiraae salad, potato vegetables balls, turnip dashi ni with sweet miso sauce and sprouted brown and white mixed rice.
白和え、ジャガイモと人参の和風団子、カブのだし煮 甘味噌ソースで、発芽玄米と白ごはん混ぜ、番茶

I used less greens as greens have good nutulition but some are not good for digestion.


Fresh snapper with grated daikon radish oroshi sauce, Moss st. market fresh steamed vegetables
with creamy sesame dressing, Azuki beans sprouted brown and white rice.
フエダイとお豆腐のおろし煮、モスマーケットのお野菜蒸しサラダ ゴマソースで、小豆の発芽玄米ご飯、番茶

Tofu +miso Japanese patty, handmade white sesame tofu, daikon radish greens sprouted brown and white mixed rice, sake kasu(sake lees) soup
Root vegatables mixed takikomi rice, root vegatables and soybeans gomoku ni, garlic shoots shio koji fry, steamed tofu with sweet miso sauce, creamy sesame vegetables
Fresh cod and  fresh asparagus with sweet miso paste, tofu vegetables kinchaku balls, komatsuna greens ohitashi dashi salad, Amani soybeans, buckwheat soba noodles with homemade dipping sauce
たらとアスパラガスの西京焼き 、お豆腐の巾着煮、小松菜のお浸し、大豆の甘昆布煮、お蕎麦と手作りつゆ、番茶

Mixed grains macrobiotic maki sushi, ume vinegaer pea shoots salad, daikon radish salad,Roots vegatables soup, So sugar no dairy macrobiotic banana muffin
Fresh sockeye salmon + daikon greens grains rice, homemade dashi egg tofu, No deep fry agedashi tofu with fresh Fava beans, Oven koji zucceni, Gold beets + mixed beans black sesame salad
サーモンと大根の葉の雑穀混ぜご飯、手作りたまご豆腐、揚げない揚げ出し豆腐 空豆のせ、ズッキーニの塩麹オーブン焼き、ビーツとお豆の黒胡麻サラダ、番茶
Macrobiotic grains Inari sushi, Japanese ratatouille udon noodles with dashi sause, Celery sesame kinpira, Creamy sesame vegetables
マクロビお野菜たっぷり雑穀いなり寿司、夏野菜の和風タラトュユのせおうどん 手づくりつゆで、セロリの金平、クリーミーゴマ野菜、番茶

She gave me a lot of feedback. Here is one comment.
Thank you for cooking such a great series of meals. I feel I have regained my health with your help and that I have learned a lot about staying healthy as well. That is a priceless gift Yoko. One of the big benefits of having your food has been a chance to try food that is not available in restaurants which has been my only exposure to Japanese food. It has broadened my knowledge and I appreciate that very much. You are so creative in your approach.