Catering Hiro Yoshihara's pottery event

One of my favorite pottery artists, Hiro Yoshihara, invited me to cater a 2 day event she was hosting.
I made everything from local, organic foods.  I was delighted to collaborate with Hiro; her exquisite pottery beautifully presented the appetizers I created.  

The menu:
Green tea soba noodles sushi抹茶蕎麦いなり, brown rice kabocha croquette with homemade ketchup玄米と南瓜のコロッケと手作りケチャップ, moss street vegis spring roll with homemade sweet chili sauceモスマーケットの新鮮オーガニックお野菜の生春巻きと手作りチリソース and Japanese picklesお漬物(粕漬け、しば漬け)
Zakkoku grain sushi雑穀五分づき寿司, shiso ume rollしそ梅春巻き, 3kinds bruschetta3種類のブルスケッタ, Japanese picklesお漬物(粕漬け、しば漬け、べったら漬け) and grandma's steam cakeおばあちゃんの味蒸しパン