About Yoko

Yoko west has been cooking healthy Japanese traditional food her entire life.

*20+years experience cooking Japanese food taught by her mother and grandmother using her family's rice and vegetables.
 *19 years experience practicing Japanese calligraphy with Zen concentration.
 *9 years experience giving Japanese high level service in Japanese company.

Yoko's family had a life threatening illness so she researched special nutrition programs and the healing power of natural organisms to cure disease.
Yoko believes 100% that  we add safety and happiness to our plates OURSELVES !!

Yoko says: "From a little girl I have always loved food, but it is not actually the food that I love so much. What truly makes me happy is the big smile on people’s faces after they have eaten my cuisine.
Due to a family illness, I have intensely researched the importance and benefits of food therapy. I continuously upgrade my knowledge through reading countless books, magazine articles and the internet. I am 100% dedicated to providing delicious and healthy dishes to as many people as possible."